Kate Devine, Doctoral Researcher, Royal Holloway University of London

Kate is a doctoral researcher and museum professional. Her research explores the dialogue between craft, art, and design in twentieth century Italy. She has a particular interest in materiality, sensory perception, and process in the creation of art and design objects, as well as a focus on cultural history and how art objects speak to their boarder social-historical context.

Martina Borghi, Doctoral Researcher, Royal Holloway University of London

Martina is a doctoral researcher and Associate Lecturer in Italian. Her current research focuses on the prominent role of the observer in the Italian movement of Programmed Art. She is interested in how direct tactile and perceptual interactions with this kind of engines could improve people’s awareness of the kinetic artistic experience, as well as how an increased interactivity would convey the ‘edutainment’ message of a piece of art. More in general, she has a keen interest in the cultural history of the Sixties and the figure of the Italian designer Bruno Munari.


Cristina Matei, PhD Student, Kingston University

Jodie Edwards, National Partners Programme Manager, The Arts Council Collection

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